Thursday, April 12, 2018

The First Time With Dad

The low summer sun was streaming in through the windshield of the station wagon as we headed home from the campground.  The back of the car was full of tents and camping gear and backpacks and dirty clothes. It all smelled vaguely of campfires and sweat.  We were still wearing the same crumpled and dirty scouting shirts and shorts that we had worn all weekend. 

My Father didn’t say much after we dropped off a couple of other scouts at their homes.  But as we turned to head up the hill to our house my Father took his right hand off the wheel and reached over and squeezed on my left knee and without taking his eyes off the road said “I am very proud of you son.  You did a great job this weekend.”  His hand gently slid up my thigh to just inside the hem of my shorts and he continued “You are becoming quite a fine young man.” He squeezed my thigh hard and lingered for a moment and then put both hands back on the wheel as he backed the station wagon into the driveway.

As he maneuvered the car I glanced over at him.  His shorts were scrunched up on his legs and I couldn’t help but notice the mound between his legs.  I had found that in the last few months I had been very curious about how big his dick was compared to mine.  I had plenty of opportunity to check it out.  I had seen him naked many, many times.  We had a small house and it was very normal to see him naked in the hall or bathroom and sometimes we would shower together. 

He was a slim 6” 4’ with wavy black hair and a smooth lanky body.  When he walked around naked his dick would swing back and forth bouncing on his generous balls.  I wasn’t nearly that big, so I was fascinated and hoped that I was growing to be as big as he was.

After we pulled into the driveway we got out and worked together to unload the car and stow our equipment in the garage.  Finally, we went into the house and I followed him into the small laundry room to unload our backpacks.  Quickly our dirty camp clothes were tossed into the washer.  As we finished my Father began to unbutton his shirt and said, “Well we might as well just throw these in too.” He quickly pulled off his shirt and threw it in.  His chest was broad and smooth, and his dark brown nipples were striking against his tanned skin.  He then unbuckled his belt and pulled it off and then unzipped his shorts and pulled them off. 

My father didn’t wear “tighty whities”.  He wore tiny little Jockey Elance bikini briefs that strained to contain his manhood.  The thin red cloth outlined his dick which was pointing up to his left almost touching the thin waistband.  His balls, looking to be the size of large lemons strained the pouch between his legs.  He stuck a thumb in each side of the waist band and pushed down on the left side , letting his dick flop out to swing in an ark and flop down on his still contained balls.  He then pushed down with both hands and his nuts tumbled out and settled into place.  After he stepped out of his briefs he reached down to pick them up and throw them in the washer and casually scratched his balls and tugged at his dick to rearrange it now that it was free. 

As I began to undress I tried not to make it obvious that I was looking at his dick hanging only inches in front of me in the tiny room.  I could feel his eyes on me.  I liked feeling his gaze and hoped he liked what he saw.  While he watched I squatted down to unlace my hiking boots.  His dick was right in front of my face.  I could smell his sweat and muskiness and even feel the heat radiating out from his recently released package.    As I struggled to untie my shoes I watched his dick twitch and stir.

His dick seemed huge to me. Hanging an inch from my face was the cock of a porn-star, if not a god.  It wasn’t that it was just long, though at 9 inches it was damn long, but it was also thick with a beautiful helmet head.  At the moment, it wasn’t hard, just full and plump.  It curved out from his thick patch of black pubic hairs and then cascaded over his large low hung balls with the tip hanging a full inch beyond his bag.  While his pubes were dense there was no hair on his balls or thighs.  My pubic hair had just filled out and my dick had grown in the last year, but I didn’t look like my dad.  I just wanted to grow up and be like him. 

I stood up and finished undressing.  As I stripped and handed him my clothes he watched quietly.  When I was done, and we were both naked, he put his hands on my shoulders and looked me up and down and said, “You got a lot of sun this weekend.  I think I need to buy you a speedo.”  He spun me around to look at my back.  “That butt of yours would look damn good with a speedo tan.”  As he slowly turned me around to face him again.  He smiled big and added quietly “Big Guy, you are definitely turning into a great looking man.” 

We stood there for a moment.  He was only a few inches taller than me now, but his chest was broad and his arms strong while I was lanky and still growing into my body.  Our dicks were inches from one another and as I looked down I saw that my dick was starting to lift up and stiffen.  In a moment it would be erect and if I didn’t move it would push into my father’s dick.

Just then he sniffed loudly, made a face and said “Oh man! It is way past time for a shower.  We stink!” He laughed and pushed me back and turned me around and slapped me on my butt.   Then cupping the right check of my ass in his big hand he pushed me in the direction of the door.  “Jump in the shower and I will be right behind you.”

As I climbed the steps I heard him turning knobs and pushing buttons on the washing machine.  When I got to the bathroom I went right into the shower.  My dick was starting to get really hard.  It didn’t take much back then for me to get hard and the feeling of my Father’s attention and now the warm water on my body gave me a raging hard-on. 

In just a few minutes my Dad came into the bathroom.  Through the frosted glass door, I could see him coming over to the shower.  He opened the door and asked, “Need any help?” As he opened the door I turned away to rinse my hair, but I said, “Sure thing Dad, plenty of room.”  I was a little embarrassed for him to see my boner but at the same time I wanted to have him join me.  Secretly I had wanted to see his dick hard.  I wanted to see how I compared to him.

He stepped into the shower and closed the glass door and said, “How about if I wash your back.”

I busied myself by rinsing my hair as he reached past me pressing his warm sweaty body against mine to reach for the bar of soap.  I finished rinsing my hair and could hear him working the bar of soap in his hands and then felt him rubbing it across my back.

Once again, he squeezed his body past me to put the soap back in the tray.  This time I could feel his dick brush against my butt and thigh.  I could tell without looking that it was swollen. It felt wonderful as it slid warm and full across my wet skin.

My father started to use both hands to soap up my shoulders and then my arms and then my back.  I leaned forward and placed my hands on the shower wall and pushed out my ass a little as he began to work a lather up on my bottom. As I leaned forward Father’s right leg moved forward past my right leg so that as he leaned into me his crotch and dick were now pressed up against my bottom.  His cock was a hard-thick rod pressing against me and I could feel his balls sliding across my lower but cheek while his dick slid up my ass into the small of my back.  

He took his time.  My breathing was rapid and shallow as he moved his left hand down onto my ass and said, “You got a lot of color.  It makes your pretty little ass shine like the full moon.”  His hand circled the globes of my bottom.  Then slowly he moved his hand down into the crack.  Up and down one finger moved then two then three as he carefully scrubbed me.  And then with one finger he gently touched my hole, not pushing in, just exploring the outside and placing gentle pressure on my rosebud.

After many long moments he pushed my shoulders further forward and down so that my ass pushed harder into him and he moved his hand forward between my legs to “clean” my balls with soft circular cupping motions.  His hips shifted as he leaned forward over me, and I could feel his rock-hard dick slide up and then down on my ass.  Finally, with his right hand on my right hip and his left hand between my legs he released my balls and slowly slid his hand up the length of my stiff cock.  

Everything stopped.  I could barely breath. He wasn’t stroking me.  He was just holding my dick. I was so hard I thought I would break.  His hand on my cock felt so good I could think of nothing else.  The water sprayed over us and I could feel something deep in me start to surge.  But I didn’t move. I just froze.

Finally, he spoke quietly in my ear “Is it ok? I won’t do this if you like don’t like it. Do you like it?  Its ok if you like it.”  I could barely breath, but I answered “Yes. Yes, I like it very much.”

His soapy hand began to slowly move up and down my stiff cock.  The feeling was overwhelming.  Every bit of my mind was focused on the feeling of this big arm sliding between my legs and his soapy hand stroking my dick. While he slowly stroked my cock, I reached back and found his dick.  I turned enough to look at what I had in my hand.  His cock was huge and rock hard.  It was pale when it was just hanging down but now it had darkened, and the massive helmet head was deep red.  As he slid his hand up and down my cock I mimicked his motions on his dick.  It felt so hard and hot and wonderful.

He slowly slid his hand back off my dick and past my balls and up the crack of my ass and up my back to my shoulders and turned me around to face him. 

Once again, I could barely breath.  I had not let go of his dick.  It felt perfectly amazing to stroke it.  His dick was rock hard, and I was fascinated by the veins that ran just under the skin.  All nine inches curving slightly up toward me begging my gaze and my touch. It throbbed as my grip tightened and I began to explore it. Beneath the base of his cock his large full balls had pulled up a little, but they were warm and firm as I cupped them with my other hand. 

While I explored him he once again gently stroked my cock and fondled my balls and caressed my body and ass.  After a few minutes he pressed past me to turn off the water and pulled me close to him.  We stood there in the shower, our wet slick bodies pressed together with our arms wrapped around each other and our dicks pressed up between our bodies.  No one moved until finally my Dad leaned back so that our dicks were still pressed between us, but he looked me in the eye and asked, “Would you like to take this to my room?”  I nodded and smiled and then leaned my head on his shoulder and he stroked my hair.   In a few moments we stepped out of the shower.

I stood quietly while he dried both of us off with a towel.  When he got to my dick he ever so gently ran the towel over my cock and then dropped it to the floor.  With one hand he took my dick and with the other he took his own and pushed them together side by side.  I gasped at the feeling as he slowly stroked both of our cocks as though they were one.  I looked down and watched.  I was surprised that I wasn’t that much smaller than him.   The feeling was exquisite. There was so much dick between us.  It felt so good.  After a few moments he released my cock and took my hand and said, “Come with me.”

We walked together to his bedroom where he stripped the bedspread down off the king size bed and then laid down crosswise on the bed and said, “Come here.” And he reached for me.

I slowly climbed onto the bed beside him.  He pulled me into his arms and turned us on our sides so that once again our dicks touched.  As they touched an electric charge ran through me from my dick to my nuts and out to the rest of my body.  I pushed my hips up against him and let my cock slide against his in slow rocking motions.  The feeling of his body pressed against mine and our dicks moving against each other was incredible.  I was in a different world where my deepest needs were being fulfilled.

In a moment he pushed me onto my back and he crawled up on his knees straddling my legs, his hard dick pressed down on my throbbing member.  He shifted his hips back and forth so that his dick slid up and down against mine.  The sensation was unbelievable.  I could barely breath.  I didn’t want him to stop.  No, I wanted to take it further.  I wanted to experience this.  I wanted to feel the release. 

Just when I thought that I couldn’t stand it any longer he pushed back and slid down.  I could feel his stubble and warm breath and then his wet tongue on my chest then my nipples.  Then, slowly, he worked down my stomach.  Then his rough cheeks caressed my cock.  He stopped, I could feel his breath on the head of my cock and he looked up at me and asked, “Is this OK?”  I had barely answered “Yes” when his hot wet mouth started to explore my throbbing cock.

I had never felt anything like this before.  Nothing existed besides his rough tongue caressing the head of my cock and gently probing its slit.  His tongue slid up and down the shaft of my cock while his stubbly chin scrapped on the intensely sensitive skin of my cock just an inch below.  The combination of the soft tongue and the sharp chin stubble was exquisite pleasure and pain. 

Father’s mouth moved up and down my shaft and head with his tongue lapping up my leaking pre-cum.  Finally, he slid down to my balls and after licking them carefully he gently took one after another into his mouth and gently sucked on them.  My hips pushed back.  I didn’t want him to stop but I wanted him to go back to my cock.  At last he let my balls go and moved back up to the head of my throbbing shaft.  I could feel his warm breath on cock as he asked “Are you sure?  Do you want this?”

Though I had never experienced anything like this before I knew I wanted it more than anything in the world.  I wanted my cock sucked. I could think of nothing I wanted more.  I moaned out “Yes! Please!”  With that his mouth took in the head of my cock.  I was suddenly aware of a tidal shift in my balls. Somehow my father’s lips wrapped around the head of cock had connected to my balls.  There was a surge deep in my tentacles as he teased my piss hole and cock head with his tongue. 

Just when I thought that I was going to explode he started to move down on the shaft.  As his hot wet mouth slid down on to my cock hips rose up to drive my steel hard rod into his mouth.  It started gently but in only a few seconds it was an urgent need to drive deep into his throat.  As I drove my steel rod into his moist hot mouth I could feel his tongue lap at my stiff member and feel his stubbled chin scrape against the sensitive skin of my shaft.

Once, twice I drove deep into his mouth.  His lips squeezed on the length of my shaft, but the head of my cock was pushing into the tightness of his throat.  The combination was overwhelming.  Again, and again, he took me all the way to the hilt.  I pushed up as he dove down and with each motion the tidal forces in my groin swelled.  I wanted it to go on forever, but I also wanted release.  I could feel him push down harder, greedily taking every inch of me deep into him. Suddenly the surge began again, I could feel my cum swell up in my balls and then start to explode up into my throbbing cock. 

My body writhed as a huge load blasted up through me.  It rushed up my dick like the rush from a broken damn into a narrow gorge.  I could feel my juice splash against the back of his throat as the muscles in his throat spasmed to suck it down.      

I didn’t know it, but I wasn’t done.  My father’s mouth slowly slid off my cock and then he took hold of my still vibrating rod.  He stroked me slowly at first, but as I began to groan and thrust my hips back at him his hand moved more rapidly. His hand pumped up and down on my red-hot shaft.  Once again, my balls seemed to swell with the buildup of jiz until I blasted again shooting onto his face. Then as he wiped up the cum off his face and started to lick it up, I shot again into his hair without even being touched. 

Father gently took hold of my cock and slid up to lie face to face with me and wrap his big arms around me.  Our damp warm naked bodies pressed hard against one another.  My body was still vibrating.  My cock was still hard and throbbing.  We laid there without speaking for a long time till father kissed me gently and whispered in my ear “Was that OK?” 

I said “Yes.” 

Saturday, February 13, 2016


There is something inherently sexy about a three way. 

So much willing manhood in such a well defined space. 

Now don't get me wrong.  Two men is perfect.  Three is not perfect - it is extremely sexy it just isn't perfect. 

There are certain things that two men can't do - at least not do simultaneously - that three men can do simultaneously.  There is the conga line, the Daddy Sandwich, the 699, the 696 etc. There is even watching (but that is another subject.) Well you get it...lots of things to do. 

But as my husband says "Why go out for hamburger when you can have steak at home."  I personally think that sex with my husband - that "no-holds-bar" kind of sex where the earth shakes and the world stops, where any fantasy can be fulfilled on the slightest whim and without a trace of doubt or guilt - that kind of sex beats out any "way" including a "three-way."

I See Naked Men

For the last 10 years I have belonged to a men's naturalist group.  Let me translate that for you:  a bunch of men get together every few weeks and we "hang out" naked for a few hours.  Sometimes it is a pool party and sometimes it is a movie and sometimes it is just a meal. 

It is not necessarily gay men but mostly it is.  There is no sex.  We just socialize.  It is a very interesting group.  All ages and all body types.  White, black, Latino, whatever.  Everyone is welcome and it is really a very good group of men.

I bring this up because I am amazed by the close minded moral system in the world.  Most people would be so aghast at such things going on in their community.  But I assure you - nothing bad is happening.  In fact lots of good things are happening. When you are naked and everyone around you is naked it makes us more equal.  We may not be pretty but we are more equal.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Late Breaking Gay at Bunche Beach

Bunche Beach, John Morris Road, San Carlos Bay, Ft. Myers, Florida

Maurice was nervous. He had never been to a gay beach before. But he had exactly 2 hours while his wife and kids were at the movies and they thought he was lying down with a headache.  He guessed he should feel guilty but instead it was just nervous. 

He had been preparing for this for weeks.  His dark brown pubes were trimmed and his sizable balls were shaved.  In addition to his Florida tan he had been tanning at a salon to minimize any lines.

To complete the look he had purchased a “tan through” swim suit.  The tiny suit’s high legs and the pattern of gold, tan, yellow and green palm leaves drew the eye to his prominent package.  The not so subtle design
also hid the fact that you could actually see through the sheer knit material.  To hide the swim suit until he got to the beach he had put on a loose pair of gym shorts and a tank top.  But that didn’t hide his broad shoulders, narrow hips, round firm ass, or his strong legs.  He knew he looked good but he didn’t want to look too “gay.” At least not until he was ready.

When he arrived he parked along the street and then began the walk to the beach.  It was then that he went from nervous to something near to sheer terror.

He thought “This was just plain goofy. What if someone he knew saw him?”  There were lots of people on the beach and he knew that he would have to walk something like a half-mile to find the "gay beach".  He had put on a “Cubs” ball cap and dark sunglasses but at six foot three and 205 lbs. he was not exactly invisible.  None the less, he had come this far and wanted this that badly.  He wasn’t going to turn around now.

He clutched his beach towel and his little cooler that contained three beers, suntan lotion, four rubbers and a small bottle of lube, and trudged off down the sidewalk towards the shore.

When he got to the narrow beach he turned left.  By some unwritten concession the gays had conceded the best part of the beach to the straights and the families.  To the left the beach became narrower and he could see rocks in the water that with the current would make the water dangerous for swimming.   He was relieved to quickly leave behind all the happy little families playing and sunning and in less than five minutes into his walk the crowd had thinned out. 
Under other circumstances he might have brought his wife and boys down here to enjoy the beach.  But now this time was his.  He had given more than enough to his family. 
As he moved southeast there was a tree that had fallen across the narrow beach so that he had to wade into the water to get around and beyond it.  As he picked his way past the tree he was afraid that he was in the wrong place.  But there, just a hundred yards away he saw several men on beach towels.
Just men!
Men in Speedo's!
Hot men!
Men with dark tans!
Men who looked up as Maurice came down the narrow beach.

Maurice was too nervous to get too close, so while still 20 feet away from the nearest person he spread out his towel and sat down.  He sat for a moment then realized he is was still in his shorts and tank top.  That wasn't exatly the image of himself that he had imagined on a gay beach.  So without lifting his butt more than an inch off of the beach towel he squirmed out of his shorts and shirt.
Now what?

It wasn't that he hadn't thought about it. Hell that's all you thought about for the last four days. In fact the idea of going somewhere where he could meet gay men was an all-consuming idea that nagged at him more and more every day.  The older he got the more he knew he had to make it happen.  And he knew it had to happen soon.
His mouth was dry with anticipation so he dug out a beer and chugged it down.
Nothing was happening.  Would someone come up to him?  He got out the suntan lotion and slathered it on.  This only served to make him hornier - if that was possible.  As his hands spread the oil over his skin his dick began to swell within the confines of the tiny bikini.

This was crazy.  What if someone saw that he was getting hard?  Hell – what if they didn’t?  That was why he was here wasn’t it? 
He wanted to reach beneath the waist band of his suit and smear the lotion on his cock and balls but knew that he would get rock hard if he did.  None-the-less he looked around to make sure no one was watching and lifted the edge of his suit to look at his cock.  The sheer fabric cast a spotty shade on his swelling member.  As he watched he could see it twitch and throb and shift and grow.  Damn!  He had to stop or get up and get in the water or do something.

There was no time to just sit there. He was either going to be rejected completely and feel like a fool or have the time of his life but he wasn't going to just sit there on the towel.

He got up and moved towards the other men. He was very aware of himself.  He felt virtually naked. And in fact he was virtually was.  Certainly the tiny swim suit was keeping him legal but the fact that it covered such a small percentage of his tall, lean frame made it more of a focal point rather than a cover-up.  Maurice’s balls were barely captured by the straining fabric and his 8 inch cock was pointing firmly up and to the left and its head was pulling the waist band away from his flat belly. His broad shoulders, firm pecks and flat belly now formed a V that pointed down to his swollen package.  Despite how he knew he looked in the mirror he now worried that his salt-and-pepper hair made him look older.

He walked past four or five men lying in the sun. Most of them wore Speedo's. Everyone was covered in oil. Everyone had a dark tan and everyone was beautiful.

Maurice may not have realized it but their heads swiveled and their eyes, hidden by sunglasses, tracked the newest addition to the group.

As Maurice passed the men lying on their beach towels he saw ahead a group of four or five men standing together smoking cigaretts and talking.

This was it, he would walk up to them and endure their ridicule and scorn or perhaps, just maybe, something else.  Something wonderful!  He had to do it.  He didn’t know what to say to them.  They would know he was an idiot and out of his realm.  But it was now or never.  Even if he nothing happened he felt amazing.  Nervous but amazing.  Even if no one else thought that he was sexy – he did.  And that was very hot to him.  So steeling himself against rejection he walked up to them.

As he approached the group stopped talking to blatantly check him out from head to toe with a long pause to simply stare at his package.

Maurice didn't know what to say. Anything would be stupid. Should he just say “Hello”or maybe  “Nice day”or maybe “This is a real nice part the beach” (it wasn't.) Instead much to Maurice's relief someone in the group said hello to him.  Maurice’s mouth was dry again but he managed to blurt out an awkward “Hello.” in return.

And then the one who had said hello said “I like your swimsuit.”

That made his cock jump. He had been afraid that he might not even be able to get it up.  But as the one who said he liked his swimsuit came closer he could feel his cock swell.
His new friend moved closer.  He was shorter than Maurice with short dark hair and a pearly white smile.  His smooth darkly tanned skin was stretched over well-defined muscles.  As he move forward he came so close that Maurice could smell the coconut in the oil that shone on his dark skin.  As soon as he came close enough to touch him he reached out and touched the narrow band of fabric on Maurice’s hip.

His hand stayed on his hip as he lifted his head to look up at Maurice and said “Looks good on you.”

Time seemed to slow to almost a stop for Maurice.  It all seemed amazingly exotic and yet somehow so natural.  Maurice managed to squeak out in a half voice “It's a tan-through.”  As Maurice said this he put his hand down to pull the waistband away from his belly and run his fingertips under the material so that his newfound friend could see how sheer the material was.  His new friend leaned forward to get a peek down inside.

There was a lot to see inside. Maurice’s dick was now suddenly fully erect and as he tugged the waist band the head of his now throbbing cock peaked out over the top.  In a smooth motion his friend slid his hand over the outside of the suit from Maurice’s hip down to cup his now rigid member.

His friend leaned in and said "I’m Joe.  Let me show you some other things that are pretty neat here on the beach."

And with that Joe put one hand on the small of Maurice's back and began to guide him up into the woods.

They moved only a few yards into the woods where they were just out of sight from anyone who might be walking the beach.

Joe turned towards Maurice, pushed him gently against a tree and pulling his swim suit's waist band away from his body to allow the now dripping member to jump out toward Joe.

For a moment Maurice’s cock simply throbbed as it waved and pointed up at Joe.  Joe stood holding the waistband out staring down but saying nothing.

Finally Joe said “God damn – that’s nice!”  Then Joe knelt.  As he moved to his knees he pulled Maurice’s suit down to his ankles with his left hand and took Marice's throbbing and swollen cock in his right.  He stared for only moment and then gently began to bring his lips to the head.

Maurice couldn’t move.  He looked down to watch but it was what he felt that filled his universe.  Everything in him was now focused on cock.  Joe’s wet lips moving over the head of his cock.  His hot tongue searched the edges and stroked and gently probed Maurice's piss hole.  Then like a deep wet tunnel he felt Joe's hungry mouth move down his shaft.  Maurice had to move one hand back to the tree trunk to steady himself but he took his other hand to press Joe’s head gently deeper down on his shaft.

Hungrily with quiet slurping sounds Joe moved in and out, but each time moving further down the hard veined rod of throbbing flesh.

Finally Joe’s nose and lips were pounding into Maurice’s pubs and belly and the head of Maurice’s cock was popping back and forth into Joe’s throat.

Maurice knew he wasn’t going to last long but that was didn’t make any difference.  The cum that was building up to shoot out of him had been building for years.  This was his first real gay load.  The load that was building up would shoot him into a new world.  Right or wrong it was going to happen.

Joe could feel the buildup and dove deeper and faster on this red hot pulsing rod.

Then Maurice shot – and shot and shot.  Joe swallowed and swallowed.

Time began to catch up for Maurice.  What had seemed an hour had been only a few minutes and now Maurice was holding on to the tree because his knees could no longer hold him.

Joe rose and wiped his mouth and smiled.  Maurice gave a half smile and weekly said thank you.  Joe smiled bigger and gently kissed Maurice and said “You’re welcome.”

Maurice pulled up his swimsuit and then followed Joe back to the beach.

The moment was over but a new world had opened up for Maurice.  He was now a gay man in a marriage with a woman.  He would never be the same. He was a Late Breaking Gay.

BTW this is my first attempt at writing LBG (Late Breaking Gay) porn.  I would greatly appreciate your comments.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Second Ring

My “handle” on a certain site is “Lord of the 2nd Ring.”   I have been asked to explain "the second ring"

So here we go:  the anus is the first ring – your butt hole.  Then, deeper inside  is the sphincter between the rectum  and the sigmoid colon (large intestine) that is  the second ring.

If the top's cock is long enough and the position is right, and the bottom is willing, you get to have two fucks at the same time.  For the top, they are getting the head and top of the shaft fucked by the second ring and the main shaft fucked by the anus. 

It takes a really good bottom to accept this and work his muscles to please the top but the bottom also gets the double pleasure of being fucked in two places at the same time.  It often results in the bottom having a very powerful internal orgasm.

I am versatile so I know this from personal experience.  And of course when those internal muscles start to squeeze down in those orgasmic spurts I come like a fire-hose, often multiple times in a single fuck.  Just makes me want to keep going and going.  I know this from personal experience as I am versatile and my husband can reach my second ring as well.

Is it Art?

.. ..........................................._¸„„„„„„_
...................................... „--~*'¯.............'
................................... („-~~--„¸_.........,/ì'ì
..............................¸„-^"¯ : : : : ::: : :¸-¯"¯/'
................¸„„-^"¯ : : : : :: : : : : : : : '¸„„,-"
**¯¯¯'^^*^*'"¯ : : : : : : : : : : : : : :¸-"
.:.:.:.:.„-^" : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :„-"
:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯
.::... : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯
:.' : : ' : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~"¯
:.:.:: :"-„""***/*'ì¸'¯
:.': : : : :"-„ : : :"
.:.:.: : : : :" : : : : ,
:.: : : : : : : : : : : : 'ì
: : : : : : :, : : : : : :/

I Won't Go Back - Only Forward


The family reunion was held in the same small town where my wife and my two children lived thirty years ago.  

One of the things that my kids wanted to do while we were there was to drive by the house that we lived in when they were little.  

I didn't volunteer to take them by the house.  They went to look at the house by themselves.  It wasn't that anything bad happened there.  In fact those were good days.  I guess I just didn't want to go back to those days - I have moved forward and I want to keep moving forward.

As a LBG (Late Breaking Gay) I have made a decision to accept myself.  In the process I have learned to forgive myself for living a lie in the past.  I can not pretend that lying was right and so I can't pretend to my children that I was perfect.   So I won't go back - only forward.