Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sex Toys for LBGs (Late Breaking Gays)

As a LBG (Late Breaking Gay) you may be new to sex toys. If you are single sex toys can be a lot of fun in the shower, jacking off with porn or just learning more about yourself.
There are an almost infinite variety of sex toys but I can recommend a few:

Cock rings: Cock rings are a ring of rubber (think "O" ring)
 or silicone or metal that goes around your cock and/or balls. The cock ring can go just around the base of your cock or around your balls and cock.  Just as cocks come in all different sizes so do cock rings.  You can get a set of different sized cock rings or try a couple of different stretchy ones at first then you can experiment with the hard ones.  It should gently restrict the flow of blood out of the cock to keep your dick harder for longer.

Dildos: a dildo is a hard rubber shaft that goes up your ass. Dildos can look like a cock even with balls but they also come in a wild variety of shapes and sizes. If you have never used a dildo start with a small dildo with lots of lube and work up to larger ones as you get comfortable.

Douche: just to keep things neat and clean - clean out your ass before you use a dildo or have sex. You and your partner will appreciate it.  There are inexpensive enema kits available at the drug store or you can get kinkier ones on-line. I prefer a wand that hooks into the shower like a shower wand. But don't overdo it - if you clean out too deep you will have diarrhea for a week. I recommend cleaning out in the shower – hold the water in your ass and then move over to the stool to release it. Repeat until you run clear - but again - don't overdo it.

Allow me to recommend
Fort Troff Sex Toys as a good source. They have everything from tame to wild.


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