Sunday, May 19, 2013

gay dreams

Day dreams

Night dreams

Wet dreams


You have had them 

- in the dream it is dark

- only a street light

- the light of a match flairs

- a few feet away

- a young man is lighting a cigarette

- framed in a doorway

- he has broad shoulders and a narrow waist

- his white tank top shows off his pecs

- he is wearing tight black jeans

- you can see his swollen package

- he shakes out the match

- his right hand moves down

- he adjusts his package

- he is looking right at you

- he looks you up and down

- seemingly satisfied he locks eyes with you

- his eyes are green

- his lashes long

- he lifts one eyebrow

- you move to his side

- he offers you a cigarette

- you accept

- you move in closer for a light
- his hair is brown and wavy

- touching his shirt collar

- his skin is tanned and smooth

- your right leg brushes against his left leg

- you touch his forearm

- to steady the match

- his flesh is warm and firm

- you can smell him

- warm and earthy

- you can feel his breath

- sweet and warm on your neck

- you reach down to touch his hip

- he shifts his weight against your hand

- your hand slides back to caress his firm ass

- his body moves in to press against your hips

- he takes your hand

- and and moves it to his swelling package

- his cock is hard and throbbing beneath the denim

- his zipper all but explodes

- his hard and trobbing dick jumps out into your hand

- you kneel down to take his cock into your eager mouth

You wake with a hard on and a wet sticky load in your PJs

Yes- you might be gay - a LBG (Late Breaking Gay) - Enjoy

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