Saturday, February 13, 2016

I See Naked Men

For the last 10 years I have belonged to a men's naturalist group.  Let me translate that for you:  a bunch of men get together every few weeks and we "hang out" naked for a few hours.  Sometimes it is a pool party and sometimes it is a movie and sometimes it is just a meal. 

It is not necessarily gay men but mostly it is.  There is no sex.  We just socialize.  It is a very interesting group.  All ages and all body types.  White, black, Latino, whatever.  Everyone is welcome and it is really a very good group of men.

I bring this up because I am amazed by the close minded moral system in the world.  Most people would be so aghast at such things going on in their community.  But I assure you - nothing bad is happening.  In fact lots of good things are happening. When you are naked and everyone around you is naked it makes us more equal.  We may not be pretty but we are more equal.


  1. I think its a cool idea..esp when its a mixed group..young and old alike.there seems to be a certain amount of honesty within the group when all have nothing to hide

  2. Before retiring to Arizona we both belonged to OMEN a gay naturist group in Portland. Same sort of activities. Usually a dinner but as weather warmed pool parties, hikes and a local restaurant was willing to host dinners out.