Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coming out past 50

I was 53 years old when I came out.
I sometimes wish I had come out in my 20's.

But I would most likely be dead now so I suppose that is OK.

But I must confess that when I see some of the pictures of gays in the 70's I wish I had taken the dive. I would have looked good in jeans that showed off my dick and skin tight silk shirts with most of the buttons undone leaning against the door frame with a come-hither look in my eyes.

OK - maybe I wouldn't have looked all that good but I want to think I would have.

Instead I was married and starting to raise kids.

It was the kids that kept me in the closet for more than 3 decades.

Once you have a kid you have made a promise to that little bundle of joy to be there for them. So you put your own needs on the shelf - or back in the closet - and you do what has to be done.

I suspect that if you have read this far you identify with that.

When my kids were out on their own - I wanted to be out to - before I was too old to enjoy it - so I gave it all up - packed it all in and said "it is time for me!"

I haven't looked back since.

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  1. Well done you.

    You do not mention a wife although you do mention 70s guys you could have seen yourself as! So I take it you are male.

    How did she manage?
    How fif the grown kids take it?