Monday, January 11, 2010

Step Children (and Grand Children)

Step Children and Grand Children - Yes – it goes with the territory.

I went from being a father of 2 to having 5 kids between us – it’s the Brady Bunch with 2 dads.

Of course for us it is pretty easy – only one of our kids lives with us – he just finished college and moved back in. He is a really good "kid" and we get along very well.

But I have friends that have teenage kids at home. I have to admire them – they still have to parent and that is two dads plus the ex-wives doing the parenting - wow what a mess.

For me it is so much about me. Or at least about me and my husband. My friends have to be good dads all the time – For me I pretty much just have to be a good Dad on a long distance phone call on Sunday afternoons.

By the way - when you start out as a breeder the kids turn into adults and they become breeders - and "poof" you are a grandparent. It doesn't exactly fit in with my self image of a "hot middle age stud" but oh well - getoverit! It would seem to be harder on my husband, his kids haven't had any kids yet so he is only a step grandparent - but he melts around my grandkids - it is so cute.

Of course then there is the whole acceptance thing. What happened with us is that when we came out to the kids they said “duh”! OK so much for hiding anything. And then you introduce the BOY FRIEND – and lo and behold the kids accept him. Why – because they have never seen Dad happier.

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