Saturday, January 9, 2010

Forever 18

One of the most wonderful and unexpected aspects of being a Late Breaking Gay (LBG) is that, in regards to sex, I am forever 18. Really! I know that sounds pretty presumptuous but it is really like that.

This is a condition that has been confirmed by many other men. (Please feel free to comment on this here if you like.) In fact I have one friend that has a formula for every decade that you are over 30 when you come out subtract one year from 20 and that is the sexual age that you are for the rest of your life. So I was two decades past 20, so 20 - 2 = 18.

It is like all of the gay sex that I didn't get for 40 years has just been stored up. When I came out, my gay sex age was still right where it should have started. OK I will be specific about this. Not only do I want sex every day (or a couple times a day) but sex can last for hours and I have multiple (5 or 6) every time I have sex. It isn't bragging if it is a fact and I have witnesses.

So many men, so much sex, so little time.

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