Thursday, May 9, 2013

Watching America Change as a LBG (Late-Breaking-Gay)

It seems like the news is full of happy changes
in attitudes towards gay Americans. It has been way too long in coming. As a LBG (Late-Breaking-Gay) I am grateful and humbled. I sometimes feel like a ton of bricks has been taken off of my back. Before I came out I could never have visualized the change that is taking place in America right now.

Eleven states (and counting) have approved some sort of gay unions. My partner and I have gotten legally married (civil union) in Hawaii and plan on getting married in as many states as possible. Our home state of Texas does not recognize gay marriage and I can't imagine that changing any time soon – but I didn’t think there would be as much change as there has been in the last couple of years. 

Who could have foreseen the President of the United States coming out for gay marriage?  It isn’t like the freeing of the slaves but it is a huge change – and one that is bringing lots of good things.

Now we just need the Supreme Court to shut down DOMA and for the rednecks to mind their own business.

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