Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gay Theatre

This isn't about pole dancers - maybe I will go there in some other blog
 - this is about two wonderful gay themed thearter events that we have recently attended. The first one was "Before Night Falls" a world preimer opera in Fort Worth. The second one was a play called "Corpus Christy" in Dallas at the Cathedral of Hope.

I won't try to write a review (except to say I love them) or even tell you the plots etc. If you are intetrested in such I recommend - a great source for reviews etc. I am writing this to once again observe my shock at how accepting the world is of things gay.

Before Night Falls was pretty main stream but Corpus Christy couldn't get produced in Texas till the Cathedral of Hope offered its space. Even at that there were police outside incase there were protests. There weren't any but just in case.

As a LBG (late breaking gay) I am amazed and pleased that it is so easy to be gay. Now I know it hasn't always been and isn't all places and times and we are careful about that. But certianly I shouldn't have stayed in the closet as long as I did.

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