Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brother Bullying

With all of the emphasis on bullying that is out there lately I want to share my own story. I was not bullied by random kids at school; I was bullied by my brother. Yep - my loving big brother. I was picked on and physically abused. It has been more than forty years and it still hurts.

Here is the point I want to make – you can be bullied by the people that should be the closest to you. I don’t imagine that many young people will read this so I address those who are “Late Breaking Gays”.

Fellow LBGs – you may have been bullied by your peers when you where young, you may have been bullied by family, it is ok – it wasn’t about you – it was about them. You don’t have to forgive as much as you need to let go of the pain. It does get better – oh yes – so much better.

So basicly: FUCK EM!

Welcome to life out of the closet.

Ain’t it great?

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  1. Wow... I was just going through my inventory of "why am I gay-ish?" and remembered all the times my big brother beat me up in the room we shared and stuffed his nasty sweaty socks in my mouth while laughing his head off. I should share that with my therapist!