Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting Ready

Getting ready is just part of daily routine.

Getting ready in the morning or getting ready to go out in the evening. It is just routine activities: shaving, showering, combing hair, brushing teeth. Just ordinary stuff. Routine things until you are in the presence of another man. I don't mean like in the locker room at the gym (though that is special in another way.) I mean just one-on-one with the man that you love, the man you sleep with.

When we get ready to go out I love being in the bathroom with HIM, jostling for position with HIM at the counter, (I love seeing HIM naked beside me and watching HIM in the mirror) It is all so ordinary: checking to see if I should leave the shower on for HIM. In those few minutes there is a unique intimacy. There is something special about HIS steam coming out of the shower and the way HE shaves (he is either naked or pulls HIS pajama bottoms way down on HIS hips.) Sometimes there is the scent of HIS cologne or the moments when HE stands so close that I can feel the heat from HIS handsome body.

If we are going out in the evening we often stand in the closet and talk about what we will wear. Again it is a small thing but it is amazing to be so intimate as to pick out each others clothing (yes even sometimes underwear.)

Sometimes he is getting ready without me and I am at my desk and I will look over and see him naked, framed by the door to the bathroom. It is an image that should be in a painting.

As a late breaking gay (LBG) I have to say that all that time in the closet I never dreamt that I would have the joy of being with a man in such a loving and caring and sexy relationship that just brushing teeth together is pretty damn hot.

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