Friday, July 19, 2013

Talking to the Grandkids

It was the summer family reunion.  The kids had been chasing lighting bugs and my grandsons had come up to the porch to show off their jars of glowing bugs.  The two littlest ones (both four years old) fell onto my lap and the oldest (12 years old) sat across from me.  I chatted and laughed and they wiggled and giggled. 

One of them started to play with my chocker.  It is a bone and wood fish hook on a string that we got in Hawaii when we got married there in April.  They asked what it was and I told them that Mark and I had each gotten one when we were there and got married because we were "hooked on each other."  The little ones didn't think too much about it but I could see my 12 year old grandson's eyes get really big.

So after the little ones wondered away to release their lighting bugs I talked to my 12 year old grandson.  I asked him if he knew that Mark and I were married.  He said no, he thought that we were just friends.  We talked more and I answered his questions but he really didn't have that many.

Mark and I live in Dallas and my grandsons live in Chicago so we don't see each other enough.  But it didn't seem to be that big of a deal to my grandson.  I guess it is a matter of changes in attitudes from one generation to the other but I am grateful that my children and my grandchildren are good with me being a LBG (Late Breaking Gay). 

It always seems like it will be so hard to tell someone, especially people that you love that you are gay.  But in truth, it is the easiest thing in the world.  People who love you, love you no matter what and being honest with them just makes that love grow stronger.

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