Saturday, December 24, 2011

Extraordinary Ordinary

Tonight is the night before Christmas Eve and we sat in the den and read books and listened to Christmas music.

What strikes me as so extraordinary is that my gay life is so ordinary.
When I was in the closet I thought that life would be so different if I came out and that terrified me.

But here I am living in a four bedroom house on a corner lot in Ozzie and Harriet land and it is so ordinary.  I take the trash out, wash the dishes, and bitch about all the crap in the garage just like I did when I was married to a woman.  The difference is that now I am married to a man. 

A man that I love more than I have ever thought I could love anyone.

It is extraordinary that ordinary is so wonderful!

(OK so the sex is phenomenal but the rest is extraordinarily ordinary.)

Merry Christmas to all


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  2. Love this blog, because it is inspiring me to come out of the closet one day. i have been married for six years now and have been blessed with 3 kids.I have been having this passion of love for that special mature man(white man) of my life, the man i do not see right now. However, there is this fear of unknown,something like how i will be able to find him. Then the question comes. Will i experience love the way i feel it within me, the way i want it to be? This Extraordinary ordinary blog brings me more courage to be able to face the reality and be myself.