Sunday, October 31, 2010

11 Day & We are Back

I want you to know that it is getting better.

Eleven days after the surgery we had sex again. It wasn't porn star sex. It wasn't our best sex by any measure but we are getting there.

It wasn't just a blow job, though it did start with some great sixty nineing. But somewhere in the middle my partner rode my cock and we both had multiple orgasms. Man-on-man did I need that.

This description isn't sexy or hot - actually it is harder to sit at the computer than to do most anything. And I'm not trying to write porn so forgive if this is kind of clinical. I just want you to know that with enough love and commitment you can have sex in the face of a lot of adversity. We were creative and caring and tender because we love each other enough to be creative and caring and tender.

It wasn't just about me overcoming a hurting knee. While I certainly had to do that, it was my lover who had to overcome a lot of things. He is the one who has to take care of me while still doing everything else that we normally do together. He has to shop and clean and cook and clean and all of the rest of those domestic chores we normally share. He also had to overcome the fear of hurting me. He also had to overcome me being a whole lot less sexy (unless you like 9 inch scares with stitches.)

It was more than sex. It was being very much in love and being there for one another when things are tough - really tough. I will never be able to find the words to express my appreciation and love for my partner.

If this is tiny sample of what it is like to get old with him then I have no fears.

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  1. Sorry about your little setback... understand you were trying to do to much too soon... let yourself heal - all in good time you'll be back to normal... let's face it - we don't heal like we're in our 20s anymore.