Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not for Sissies

My Mama always use to say “Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan them.”

Boy was that ever an understatement.

OK so this isn’t all that big of a deal but when you do a "somewhat regular" blog like I am trying to do you should be careful what you predict is going to happen.

The last time I blogged I predicted that when my partner got back from his business trip that it was going to be a pretty hot night.


My honey came home with a hurt back. He slipped on a paving stone walkway and has been really really sore ever since.

So for the last few days (and nights) we have not only been working around my bad knee we have been working around his bad back. We have had a couple of nights when we just crashed early. There was one night when we were both pretty creative (I found that I could of use both arms and the right leg and still do a fair imitation of a hot top for at least a while.) One night we just jacked off (haven’t done that with anyone in a very very long time).

Getting old is not for sissies. Yes I do mean gays. And I don't call gays sissies very often. And there is a reason for that. After all, in my vernacular sissies give up, sissies go "ewh", sissies say "that's not nice!"

That hasn't been my experience with gays. I have found that gays, and most especially late breaking gays (LBGs) , are strong and committed. They have worked hard to stay in the closet all those years and now have busted down the door and are out there all the way. Not necessarily in a flamboyant way, more likely in a strong, unafraid way. When you have gone through decades of being strong you don’t suddenly change just because you came out.

Granted I have found gays to have some characteristics in abundance that are more generally thought to be feminine or sissy if you will. Like love and compassion and creativity. Gee that doesn’t seem so bad.

If part of being gay is being in touch with your feminine side, (being a sissy) OK. But to assume that being in touch with your feminine side makes you weak is foolish. For example: to assume that gays give up under pressure is just plain stupid. That is why "don't ask don't tell" is crap.

It is also why gay men can be partners for life through some really tough times.

My partner and I care for each other and sacrifice for each other. If that sounds like a sissy, I don't care. I just know that I feel safe with the man that I love. I feel accepted even when I can't be everything I want to be or use to be. I feel loved even when I can't perform in bed.

I know that he will continue to love me. And love will find a way.

Clich├ęs I know. But so is calling a gay man a sissy. My lover and I are anything but. We are both HOT HOT HOT men!

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