Saturday, February 13, 2010

If Your Erection Lasts Less Than Four Hours...

ask for your money back!

Just kidding of course. Four hours is a long time. Like running a marathon actually. But oh-la-la what a run!

Sex is many wonderful things. It is pleasure at it purest. It is time away from the rest of the world and its stresses. It is time to be focused on just you and your partner and what makes you both feel really really good. And it gives a release that lasts and lasts. Endorphins or something.

But sex is, or I think should be, a hobby. I have had a few hobbies in my life. There was stamp collecting and coin collecting and once I built a 3 foot model of the Eiffel Tower from toothpicks (that hobby didn't last long). None of that compares to sex.

Unfortunately I don't think many people see sex as a hobby. With a hobby you get all the tools and toys to do it right. You read up on your hobby. You join clubs to meet other people who enjoy your hobby. Heaven forbid civilized Americans would do any of that! When we do it is all a great secret. You don't talk about that hobby at a cocktail party.

Sex really is like running or swimming or some other athletic hobby. Sex done right takes stamina and focus. Yet I see so many people who can't walk up a flight of steps let alone fuck for hours several times a week. Those same people either bitch about their sex lives or have completely written them off. Please! If you only knew you would spend the time at the gym so you could have time in the sack.

Of course there is more to it than being athletic. We watched the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics last night. Some of the men are soooooo hot. Not that the Winter Olympics shows off skin like the Summer Olympics (watching those when I was still in the closet was one of my dirtiest little secrets) but those speed skaters skin suits do raise my pulse a bit. And yet, as hot as any of those men might be in a post gold medal award role in the hay, they would still have to know how to make love.

Of course I would be glad to be their coach in that regard.

Making love, now that is a hobby!

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