Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life Goes On

The family tree continues to sprout more branches.

My newest grand nephew was born last night.

I am a very lucky man. I have two sons, two step sons, one step daughter, four grandsons, two nieces, three grand nieces and now one grand nephew.

Last night as my partner and I stood in a hospital to welcome this newest member of the family the world looked awfully good.

I suppose that before man could walk fully upright there has been that tender moment when the extended family gathered around the newest addition to the family and marveled at the start of a new life. Last night we gathered in a hospital room instead of around a fire in a cave but there is no less wonder or joy.

This little bundle of joy is the essence of hope and the fulfillment of promise. All pink and perfect, the continuation of the blood of our fathers and mothers back across time and out into an unseen future. For the moment he has no limits, no dream is too high, his life is full of powerful potential.

As his life begins, we of his family, his tribe if you will, offer our blessings and call on God to also bless. It is an old ritual with real meaning. As you see him take his first breaths, you cannot help but believe in the God given miracle that he represents.

As we looked around the room and saw represented there the many and divergent strains of life that make up his/our family, four generations of straight, gay, single parent, divorced, widowed, black and white, it was impossible not to believe that this new addition will have a rich and wonderful life.

May all of my family grow strong, live long and love well.

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