Saturday, March 6, 2010

Try it. You'll like it.

OK this time your mind is in the same gutter as mine. Of course it isn't a gutter at all, its a banquet and we should, within the limits of safety, try it all.

Now personal taste is important, but after all we are gay, so we like some things that the straight world doesn't. Although, let me say this, everyone but lesbians like dick. Straight people and gay men all like dick. Hell even lesbians like a dildo. But there is more than sticking dick into a hole.

Some things are an acquired taste and sometimes quite worth the effort. If you like oysters or artichokes you know what I mean. Someone had to say "Try it. You'll like it."

Now some things you only want to do with a partner you know is safe and will keep you safe, but come on dude, life is a banquet, don't leave hungry. If you are right handed try your left. Try leather. Try a little lace. Try bondage. Try it in the woods. Try shower sex. Try toys. Try rimming. Try it standing up and sitting down. Try it in a sling. Try it all.
You might find something that becomes a favorite and you may find things that really turn you off. But keep experimenting. You want to have a varied diet at the table and in the bedroom. Besides, having a repertoire of things that you and your partner enjoy will do wonders for your relationship both in and out of bed.

So, bottom line, (he he) if you are a top, learn to bottom. At least for your partner. Relax and take it slow, this isn't something you are going to love in one sitting (as it were.) It may take a few toys and self experimentation. In the end, (I can't help myself) it will even help you as a top because now you will know what you partner is feeling when he is bottoming for you.

Trust me - it is awesome.


  1. You are absolutely right, being a top is easy, my bottom partner has to do all the work, ie., clean, prepare..I have always acknowledged that fact, shown my appreciation for a nice clean work space, but I am realizing now the effort taken by my partner to relax, and loosen up is alot of work.. guess what, I can't do that yet..but I am so pleased that my partner cares enough for me to do all of that... maybe its my turn, let me give a little... versatile is a good thing!!

  2. Yes my dear friend - versatile is a good thing - but being you - what ever you is - is very very good. Hang in there!

  3. Luckily for us tops, there are bottoms who are extremely grateful to us, don't ever want to top us, and just want to "do all the work" (really? Only they work?) so that we top 'em more often.